Putting on the Nines on 5th for Easter

9 Apr

This years version of the NYC Easter promenade has drawn a clearly visible international flavor as tourists from all over the world gathered on 5th Ave. to behold the grand spectacle of fine fashion, creative bonnets and local entertainment. A bright sunny day and warmer weather helped bring out a decent size crowd between 47th and 57th Sts. with the biggest crowd in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Several hundred thousand arrived to view the latest fashions and attire from as far back as the Gilded Age where the parade was born in the 1870s. The promenade has evolved since then as one from religious meaning to a more display of fashion and style to one of creativity that only New Yorkers can flaunt. It’s a casual “parade” where dressed up folks walk up and down 5th Ave to display and pose for the crowd. Everywhere one looked a new bonnet was being displayed by young and old alike.  Some families have made the event a tradition and their favorite part of Easter. Judging by some of the gaudy bonnets, some may have taken months to complete. Although the promenade is a far cry from its original intent, it’s still a good clean fun way to spend an Easter afternoon in the greatest city on the planet.

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