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Thousands of Polish People Celebrate Gen. Pulaski on 5th Avenue

7 Oct

Let the Parade Begin

    A long standing parade tradition in early October is the celebration of Revolutionary hero General Casimir Pulaski. Hundreds of thousands of Polish people from the Tri-State area gather on 5th Avenue to celebrate all things Polish. The parade route was a sea of red and white flags. Now in its 82nd year, the Pulaski Day Parade is the largest of its kind on the East Coast. It coincides with the death of the War Hero at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. Pre-parade festivities took place right in front of the NY Public Library where there were stages and reviewing stands set up for the remarkable occasion.


Traditional Dancers Start Up the Parade


Royal Waltz with Senator Schumer


Polish Marching Band Having Fun

     Before all the fun starts, there is a traditional breaking of the bread with wine and salt on the trays. The Bread is symbolic for never going hungry while the wine is present so that one may never go thirsty and salt for life’s tears….may they always be happy ones. There was a traditional Royal Waltz performed with special guest US Senator from NY Chuck Schumer taking part of the good times. Senator Schumer has been instrumental in pushing for the visa waiver program to include Poland since 2013. President Trump approved Poland’s entry to the program just recently. Poland is one of America’s best allies and certainly deserves the exception. A marching band from Poland played both national anthems and then the fun started.


Saluting the General


Bikers Making Some Noise


Polka Dancers Have a Go At It

     Groups from all parts of the Tri-state area marched in red and white. They danced to polkas and more modern music. One of the favorite parts of the parade is when a few hundred motorcycles ride up 5th Avenue while making thunderous sounds. Groups representing Connecticut marched with lots of joy and pride. One of the largest groups is from Greenpoint in Queens that is home to a large Polish population. New Jersey sent some of the largest groups to be part of the festive day. It really is a fun parade with lots of happy faces in the crowd.

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Polska na zawsze!!!!

Polish Polka Pervades at the Pulaski

9 Oct

The hint of a crisp fall early October Sunday was setting of the 78th annual Pulaski Day Parade along 5th Ave where thousands of Polish descendants came out to wave their red and white flags. Polish people sang and danced polka in celebration of the great General Pulaski and Polish contribution to the city and to America. Everywhere you looked there were traditional costumes and traditional dancing. The Polish people are very devoted to Pope John Paul II and many floats displayed his image. Many groups from the tristate area represented the majority of the marchers. The first hour of the parade had many towns and marching bands from New Jersey from Garfield to Jackson, NJ. Connecticut sent groups from Hartford and surrounding areas followed by the local groups mostly from Greenpoint in Brooklyn.



This year the parade organizers celebrated the 70th year of the Warsaw Uprising when the Polish army successfully revolted against Nazi Germany during World War II. One of the loudest parts of the parade was when about 400 bikers from the Unknown Biker Club roared up 5th Ave. A definite crowd favorite was when a Polish Folk Dance Group from Houston Texas danced traditional polka. They were fun but outdone by a local group of the Polish American Folk Dance Company. They had some really nice dance moves and brought smiles to plenty of folks watching. Displaying more modern Polish vibes was a group from NJ with their Polish rock music that got the young crowd worked up. Each town represented had their own Miss Polonia and each one was more beautiful than the next. I have to admit the Polish people do love their fancy classic cars and some were quite impressive, especially my personal favorite, the Duesenburg. There was even a Mercedes-Benz classic with advertising for perogis. Heck I was looking for some delicious perogis but they weren’t offering any. Oh well. Next year. The Polish people love their country, customs, traditions and it was shown for all to see on 5th Ave. POLISH POWER.






































Long Live Poland

Long Live Poland

Polish People Proudly Preserve Gen. Pulaski’s Legacy in Parade

8 Oct
Polish Children Proudly waving flag

Polish Children Proudly waving flag

Red and white flags were seen all over the parade route on 5th Ave. from 34th to 48th Sts. in the 76th annual Pulaski Day parade where thousands of Polish and Slavic people from the tristate area came to remember the great Gen. Pulaski and his contribution to shaping America during Revolutionary times. Once I got to 5th Ave. and 42nd St at around 12:30, I could hear the Polish national anthem being sung with so much passion by the many spectators. I knew this would be a fun day filled with many traditional costumes and marching bands. Keeping with tradition, paired off couples were given salted bread and wine as a symbolic gesture. Typically local and national politicians are part of the ceremony but with the government shutdown in effect, their absence was expected. Parade VIPs and honorary guests including Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa marched up the parade route. One of the largest motorcycle groups I have seen at any parade this year rolled on by making thunderous noise to the delight of the crowd. There must have been at least 200 bikes in all.

Traditional Breaking of the Bread

Traditional Breaking of the Bread

Curtis Sliwa

Curtis Sliwa

Polish Bikers

Polish Bikers

The rest of the parade was organized by region. The first and largest region to march came from different parts of NY State with the biggest section coming from NYC, of course. Each group has it’s own beauty queen or Miss Polonia. Polish people are religious and many of the churches sent their representatives to march as well. One of the best displays was on a float dedicated to the soon to be cannonized Pope John Paul II from Poland.  It was quite remarkable to see how all the children were dressed in traditional costume.  They were having more fun than the adults it seemed. Well except for a traditional Polish dance group that really had fun dancing. The next region to march came in from Connecticut. They were a small group but loud and fun. The last region to march came from New Jersey. Many towns sent in their High School marching bands.  One of the more notable bands came from Linden. They really performed well. Following them came an even more impressive band from Passaic. Their horn section was really amazing. A personal favorite is when the group from Wallington rolled up with the mayor riding in an original Duesenberg..very impressive. There was a fun float that had a Polish band playing pop music. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but they were having a good time.  The crowd was definitely getting into it.   As far as ethnic parades go, this was one of the better ones with lots of traditional costume and music played.  One of the best signs at the parade summed it up best…Always Represent Polska.

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