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Wild Things Abound at the Village Halloween Parade

1 Nov

There’s a Wild Thing In All of Us

      Every Halloween, 6th Avenue is transformed into a busy commercial and residential area into the biggest Halloween parade and party in the world. Thousands of the most creative and creepiest costumes come to life while nearly a million spectators take in the sights and sounds. The 46th annual parade was almost a wash out as heavy rains soaked the City for most of the day. Not a drop came down during the creepy event and as usual at 7PM the white angels came up 6th Avenue with blessings and pixie dust to kick off the parade. Following them was an amazing brass band that got the crowd ready for a frightfest on steroids. Led by Artistic Director Jeanne Fleming, the largest display of puppetry made its way up the parade route to the delight of the large crowd. Hundreds of volunteers from all parts of the country spend countless hours creating these amazing puppets just for the event.


Lets Get This Party Started


Day of the Dead Costumes


Looking for the After Party

     This year’s theme was Wild Things where all wild animals roam free only to be corralled and break out again. Brilliant display of puppetry while accompanied by one of the coolest drum bands I have seen this year.  This years Grand Marshall was on display for most of the night as it dangled from Jefferson Market Tower. Zohra, the giant spider, is a staple at the parade. She appears at the start of a video clip of the perennial favorite Hungry March Band. The event is televised locally for millions of viewers to see the madness that comes out from the parade.  To march in this parade, all you need is a costume. Waves of crazy costumed marchers try to put a scare into the spectators there to experience the best Halloween parade on the planet.


Artistic Director and Producer Jeanne Fleming


Demon Out For A Walk


Black Angel Finds A Victim

     Gaining more popularity each year is the Samba NY band with their dancers and drum band. They always put on a great show for the crowd. The all female drum band, Fogo Azul, made it’s way up the parade route with folks dancing all around them. Everyone’s favorite tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller danced it’s way up the parade route. Soaking up all the love and hate was a returning rock band that put on a great show. Vampire Rock Opera is becoming a crowd favorite with their driving bass line and sultry singers. Hope they come back for more.


You Tell Em Bernie


Birds of a feather…


Thriller Steals the Show

     This is truly one of the best parades of the City this year and a must do on your bucket list. New Yorkers creativity and imagination are on full display as only the New Yorkers can do…the best there is. Scare ya next year.


Lone Wolf Doesn’t Scare NYers on Halloween

1 Nov

You Think You Scare Us??

     Just about 5 hours before the start of the 44th annual Halloween parade in the Village in NYC, an evil act of senseless murder of 8 innocent people happened in the first terrorist attack since 9/11 in downtown Manhattan. This cowardly act only brings New Yorkers together to be stronger and more resilient than before. Of course any loss of life due to this despicable act is one life too many and let me stop by extending my sympathy for the families that have been directly impacted by the idiot that rented a truck to cause harm. If he thought he was going to cause fear in the hearts with terror, he was sadly mistaken as over a million people lined the parade route on 6th Ave. to make history once again. The Village Halloween parade is the largest of its kind in the world. It’s the one of the largest parades at night and is broadcast locally. All you need is a costume and you can get on the parade route and be part of the biggest Halloween party of its kind.


NY Gov Cuomo, Jeanne Fleming, Mayor DiBlasio In Unity


Cabinet of Curiosity


Day of the Dead Costumer


     The scent of burning sage and tossing of the magic dust with blessings from angels dressed in white lets the eager crowd know the parade is about to get started. But there was a show of strength and unity this year. In direct response to the truck incident earlier, both NY State Governor Cuomo and Mayor DiBlasio joined Parade Director Jeanne Fleming just in front of the hundreds of puppets the parade is famous for. Now that was a true NY moment. Nothing scares us. It just makes us stronger. New Yorkers go about their business as usual with even more attitude. Costumers were set on making this a Halloween parade to remember and that it was.


Animal Collection


Marni Putting On a Scare


Just Malificent


     Every year a different theme is picked by the parade committee and this years was the old Renaissance Cabinet of Curiosity with drawings of animal heads torso and tails made up in different combinations at the start of the parade.  It was truly a sight to behold and set the tone for what would be a great display of New York creativity. The parade shows off various floats and performing bands in costume with throngs of costumers showing off their great ideas for the event. There were tons of Day of the Dead make up artists and more than my share of creepy clowns. Getting things warmed up for the crowd was the Samba NY group with their samba dancing Wonder Women. They were great. A perennial favorite with a bigger and bigger dance group is Thriller NYC with a tribute to the great Michael Jackson. They always get lots of love from the crowd. Not too far behind them were the all female Brazilian drum band FogoAzul NYC with a fun drum beat with a dancing lioness getting the crowd all worked up. This parade draws all cultures and people looking to have a fun time. The Mexican chinelos had a large group dancing their special homage to Day of the Dead. They were followed by thousands of parade revelers having a great time and doing what New Yorkers do ….staring adversity straight in the face without a flinch. We don’t back down…EVER!!!!   Scare ya Later.



I know what scares YOU!!!


Monster Return for the Village Halloween Parade

1 Nov
Skeleton Puppet Kicks off the Halloween parade

Skeleton Puppet Kicks off the Halloween parade

After Sandy knocked out last year’s annual Village Halloween Parade, more than a million people came out in costume to make it one of the best parades of the year. Known to be the largest Halloween party in the country and I guess the planet since the US is the largest country that celebrates Halloween, New Yorkers once again showed off why they are the most creative and inventive people around. The parade route on 6th Ave from Spring to 16th Sts. was jammed wall to wall with revelers waiting for the parade to kick off.  It felt like New Year’s Eve at Times Square. The mounted police signaled the start of the parade and as usual many blessings were given by the angelic fairies and their pixie dust spread over all the revelers. Brass band music was the soundtrack for hundreds of skeleton, bat and pumpkin puppets mixing it up with crowd and getting them ready for what would be an amazing night of costume, music , dance and lots of fright and danger lurking in every horde of people walking up 6th Ave. Everyone got a kick out the velociraptor costume..not the cheap raptor costume..the real deal. The first of a few samba bands came up and really got the crowd worked up. The samba girls were working it.

Velociraptor looking for a snack

Velociraptor looking for a snack

Samba dancers having fun

Samba dancers having fun

Looking for the next adventure

Looking for the next adventure

A NY favorite Hungry March Band kept the energy level on high.  A slew of creepy killer clowns were slicing their way through the crowd. Good thing they didn’t get to the lady in body art. Another samba drum band came by with one of the scariest costumes at the parade. NY clubs compete for the after parade crowd and Webster Hall had one of the better floats with their sexy caged dancers teasing the crowd. One of the most anticipated parts of the parade did not disappoint. The Thriller group put on a nice show for everyone. They were soon followed by an impressive tribute to Michael Jackson.  The first of a few cars drove up after the marshmallow man was seen being chased by the Ghostbusters. Everyone got a kick out of not one but two batmobiles and Batman out to nab his foes.

Crazy body art

Crazy body art

Beast in chains

Beast in chains

One batmobile

One batmobile

Second Batmobile

Second Batmobile

Of course a parade isn’t a parade without a marching band and the first one was the cool band from Princeton.   Some folks were a little disturbed by the mystical children chomping on some human limbs. Friends getting dressed up as groups are always the best and one of the most impressive was the group as X-Men. They had it down to a tee.  Another marching band that really had some fun at the parade were the Royal Knights Marching Band.  But the samba band that followed them really got the most attention with some sizzling hot dancers getting the crowd all worked up.  A herd of zombies that could have easily been cast in The Walking Dead made their way up the parade route. Even Wendy Williams showed up asking everyone how they were doing..yeah she was scary.  After the parade was over, revelers were having impromptu celebrations of the side streets with plenty of photo ops. Walking away to the PATH station, it was clear the Village Halloween Parade is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack and better than ever.

halloween13 215

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It was a hell of a ride..scare ya later

It was a hell of a ride..scare ya later

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