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Puerto Rican Day Procession Promises Next Years Parade Will Reach New Heights

13 Jun

Bomba Dancer Merteli Tucker Leads the Procession

The beating sounds of drums on 110th St. and 5th Ave. let everyone in the area know that something special was about to happen. Even though Covid19 cancelled the biggest celebration of Puerto Rican culture and its people in the country, a small group of prominent people led a procession for a few blocks to the Museo Del Barrio letting everyone know that Puerto Ricans are still loud and proud. Chants of Que Bonita Bandera and Yo Soy Boricua Pa Que Tu Lo Sepa was heard all throughout the walk just like you would at the grand Parade each year. This years parade Grand Marshals, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quaira Alegria Hudes, writers of the blockbuster musical In The Heights, brought a message of hope and reassurance that next years parade will be one of the best ever.

Bomba Dancer Getting Down to the Conga Beat

Photo Credit: Aluche Events

Mayor De Blasio Telling Everyone This Is the Summer of New York

Photo Credit: Aluche Events

Grand Marshalls Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quaira Alegria Hudes Getting the Procession Started

A small stage was set up in front of the Museo del Barrio where politicians and guests spoke of the meaning of the day. One of the best surprises was when a conga band near the stage was getting down with a good beat that prompted NYPD officers in attendance to join in and show off their best dance moves. Bomba dance regular at the parades, Merteli Tucker also performed to the delight of the small crowd. One of the invited guests that really moved the crowd was US Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona. He thanked the crowd on behalf of the Biden Administration and boasted about being part of the most diverse administration ever in the history of the USA. He reminded us of the importance of family and requested his wife a two children stand next to him on the stage where he talked about how in the Puerto Rican family there was always a caldero ( cast iron pot) where there was always food for everyone. Dr. Cardona emphasized what is so special about the identity of Puerto Rico, it’s biggest asset, the people. He seemed genuine and eager to help improve the US education system. I can only hope his energy is also focused on the disappearing schools in Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, mismanagement by local leaders and less funding from Washington has severely harmed the islands education system.

US Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona Talking About the Importance of the Puerto Rican Family

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quara Alegria Hudes Tell the Crowd This Procession is An Appetizer For Next Years Parade

“La Bruja” Caridad de La Luz recites her beautiful poem to the crowd

Photo Credit: Aluche Events

The event lasted about an hour and was closed out by a famous creative from the Bronx. Caridad de la Luz recited her poem dedicated to the Puerto Rican Day parade and all of its beloved organizers, marchers and organizers. It was a classy way to finish the event. Once this scourge of Covid is past us, we all know next years parade will reach new heights.

Photo Credits: Aluche Events

Written by: Albert Terc

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