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Panamanians Take Over Franklin Ave. in Brooklyn

10 Oct
A Hell of a Good Time on Franklin Ave.

Panamanians came from all parts of the country to flock their way to the drum beats, bugles, and colorful costumes that makes up the Panamanian Independence Parade. This parade is billed as the largest independence parade outside of Panama. Although the actual independence from Colombia is in early November, Brooklyn Panamanians celebrate early because of the colder weather in November and the groups that come up from Panama can also participate in the great Hispanic Day Parade on 5th Ave in NYC the next day. In this parade, the VIPs and parade organizers, led the parade to a reviewing stand on President St. where marchers presented their talents to parade revelers. Marchers then can make their way to Classon Ave, where there were plenty of delicious food vendors and a stage set up for more entertainment.

Happy Panamanian Celebrating the Event

US Senator Chuck Schumer joins in the Celebration
Nicely Dressed Quartermaster Takes the Lead

Panamanians take great pride in the marching bands and their traditional dresses (polleras). Marching bands come from all parts to make this an amazing event. One of the first marching bands to appear was the 1st Panamanian Marching Band of Maryland. They come up every year and put on a good show. Most of the times high school bands from Panama come up and give the crowd a nice treat with some sharp uniforms and energetic tunes that gets the crowd worked up. This year La Banda de Musica Leon de Juda was the honored marching band. A perennial favorite and band that keeps growing each year are the conga lines presented by the Campesinos Originales. They had a tribal drum beat that got everybody within earshot up and dancing.

Showing off the Traditional Pollera

Bugles Blaring for the Crowd

Campesinos Rocking the Beat on Franklin Ave.

Towards the tail end of the parade is when the house bands arrive. One of the two local bands that got everyone’s attention were the 1st Panamanian Marching Band of Brooklyn. They’re a large band and everyone made room for them. Another local favorite is the United Panamanian Veterans Marching Band celebrating their 10th year at the parade. Gaining more popularity is a large group that comes up from Atlanta. The Panamanian MB from Atlanta had all the right sounds and mixes to give the crowd what they came out to see. Once the parade was over, the party just kept on going on Classon Ave. where there were plenty of food kiosks set up for good food and more entertainment. Que Viva Panama!!!!!

See You Next Year!!
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