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Italians Celebrate Fashion and Culture on Columbus Day on 5th Avenue

17 Oct

Let’s Get This Party Started

     The trifecta of parade weekend culminated in the largest celebration of Italian culture in the world right on 5th Avenue. The picture perfect day saw nearly a million people lined up on the parade route anxiously awaiting the start of the parade. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, parade organizers, the Columbus Citizens Foundation pulled out all the stops to make this a first class event. This year Grand Marshall Massimo Ferragamo was honored for his contribution to high fashion. Local news anchor Rosanna Scotto was an honoree of the amazing event.  As usual, the mounted police signal the start of the parade.


Grand Marshall Massimo Ferragamo


Tribute to Columbus


Baton Twirlers from Italy

     Honorary lead marching band was Northern University playing some Italian theme tunes to get the crowd ready for a festive day of everything Italian. Sacred Heart University was right behind them. A parade of Maserati’s with the Grand Marshall and Honorees was well received. Italians have always been a religious people and home to the Vatican and where early Christianity thrived. Controversy did not escape this years parade as NY Mayor diBlasio called for more female statues to be erected throughout the city and omitted the beloved Mother Cabrini, even though she captured the most votes. Under immense pressure from the Italian community and Catholic Church to reconsider his decision, the mayor promised to rethink it….good idea.


Marching Bands Ruled the Day


Mother Cabrini Makes Her Appearance


Trumpet Band from Bergamo

     Revelers were given a special treat when two Italian bands struck up some nice tunes. A coastal town from Castellammare di stabia sent a band that got the crowd thinking about home. Blowing the horns off in magnificent fashion were a band from Bergamo, Italy. They put a whole new meaning to fast tempo as it was a challenge to keep up with their fast pace. A variety of High School marching bands kept the high energy going. Perennial favorite Connetquot HS Marching Band always puts on a great show. Matching their intensity was the W. Tresper Clarke Marching Band. One band of note from East Meadow had a sharp drumline.  All in all is was a grand celebration of Italian culture and contribution. Like my Italian friends say…there’s only two kinda people…Italians and those that want to be Italians.


Long Live Italy!!!!

Italians Heritage Proudly on Display at Columbus Day Parade on 5th Avenue

10 Oct

Italian Pride and Heritage on Display

     The third leg of the big parade weekend brought me back to 5th Avenue where hundreds of thousands of revelers lined up the parade route for the start of the 74th annual Columbus Day Parade. Parade sponsors, Columbus Citizens Foundation, always put on a great event by bringing in guests from Italy, several quality local marching bands, and plenty of floats bouncing to the beat of some traditional Italian songs. Events that take place during the year help raise scholarship funds for college bound students of Italian American heritage.  The crowd was getting restless as the 11am kickoff was delayed.


Proud Italian American


You Go Girl


Marni Having Some Fun

     As usual, the mounted police signaled the start of the parade and the crowd cheered loudly while the first group marched up the parade route from 37th St. to 72nd St. All the marchers passed right by St. Patrick’s Cathedral where Cardinal Timothy Dolan greeted them. This being a gubernatorial election year, both candidates marched. Incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo got the biggest applause from all the politicians. Gov. Cuomo was especially happy to take part of the event as his Italian American heritage was proudly displayed.  His opponent, Marcus Molinaro received a polite applause.  Grand Marshall, Guy Chiarello, First Data President, greeted the crowd.  Once all the parade VIPs, dignitaries and politicians made their way up the parade route, then the fun began.


Italian Secret Service


Cars in Italian Flag Colors


Flag bearers doing their thing

     One of the best marching bands to make their way up the parade route was W. Tresper Clark HS Marching Band. They were amazing. Some of the local bands came from East Meadow HS and West Islip HS Marching Bands. Everyone was treated to a special show when Majorettes from Casperia in Italy and twirlers and marching band from Sacred Heart combined forces. Some other notable bands were the Connetquot Thunderbirds  from Bohemia NY and the North Hunterdon Golden Lions from New Jersey represented very well.


Italian Masons Going for a Walk


Horn Section Going At it


High Stepping It Up 5th Avenue


     There were plenty of great uniforms and bands. All throughout the parade route, people were happy and proud to wave their red white and green flags in one of the bigger parades on 5th Avenue. It was great to see the zest for life that Italians are well known for. Everyone there was Italian…some forever…some for one day.






Italian Heritage Spice Things Up on 5th Ave.

17 Oct

Viva Italia

Viva Italia

Following the previous days celebration of Hispanic culture on 5th Ave., Columbus Day was a day to celebrate Italian heritage and contribution to the city and to America. Since it was an official vacation day there were hundreds of thousands of revelers eager to see fancy cars and their friends marching in some of the best local high school and collegiate marching bands in the tri state area. This being an election year, plenty of politicians were gathered to gain support for the upcoming elections including Italian descendant, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo. After parade VIPs and politicians marched up the parade route from 45th to 69th Sts., the fun started with Italian cars and plenty of Italian groups representing their heritage. A float with speakers blaring Sinatra’s New York, New York made me feel like I was in Yankee Stadium after a Yankees win. It was always a treat to see Italian police officers and firemen showing a kindred spirit with their counterparts from New York.
Marni Working the Crowd

Marni Working the Crowd

Italian State Police

Italian State Police

Eagle Sun Reminding Us All

Eagle Sun Reminding Us All

One of the better show marching bands came in blaring their loud horns and tight drumline. Stoney Brook U Seawolves made an impressive appearance to get the crowd worked up for a fun-filled day. Fighting back to be heard over a loud float blasting Volare and other Italian-American classic hits, the enthusiastic XFactor Drumline from Mt. Vernon NY showed why they are a crowd favorite. They got some competition when the drumline from Dover, NJ made their way down the parade route. Not everyone agreed with the benefits of Christopher Columbus landing on America. Parade protester, native American Eagle Sun, carried signs expressing his protest over the celebration and urged to have it changed to Native American Day as an honor to his ancestors. I have joined the movement to change the name of the parade to the Italian Heritage Parade and not celebrate a pillager and character responsible for the beginning of genocide on this continent. Italians have been an integral thread in the fabric of this great city since the Great Immigration movement from the 1870s to 1920s and helped create small and large businesses and some of the best cuisine the city offers. The connection to the motherland, Italy, has always been a major theme of this parade and many groups displayed signs mashing the two flags, Italian and American.


This parade is also a prelude to the many top bands set to appear in next months Veterans and Thanksgiving Day parades. A top band appearing were from Connetquat HS from Bohemia, NY. They set the tone for the rest of the day. A band that stole the hearts of many viewers were the first autistic marching band ever to appear. Another band that made some noise were from North Hunterdon, NJ. A show band that made the crowd smile came from Clifton HS marching band. Their march made them appear to part of a Christmas story. The marching band from Brewster NY were one of the happiest bands to play. Italian marchers dressed in medieval costumes gave the viewers a feel for what things may have been like in Italy during the Renassaince Era. They were fun to talk to event though we understand each other, so I just gave them the universally understood thumbs up for a great costume. This was a fun parade and it was great to see multi-generational Italians have a blast at the parade.








































An enchanting display

An enchanting display

Italians Rev Up Their Hot Cars for Columbus Day

16 Oct
Hot Lamborghini

Hot Lamborghini

     Fast cars and beautiful women were the big draws in the 69th annual Columbus Day Parade up 5th Ave. Tens of thousands of Italian-Americans lined up the parade route to catch a glimpse at about a hundred floats and marching bands. The weather was just right for a fun day of Italian style and heritage. Most had the chance to see Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC mayoral hopeful Bill DeBlasio meet and greet and the crowd. Even the prestigious Columbus Day Parade was not immune from the government shutdown as the lead band from West Point was not allowed to march. The Ohio Northern University replaced the West Point band on a short 3 day notice. This parade had over 20 marching bands with some flown in from Italy just for the occasion. One stand out band was from Parma, Italy. They had a different style of play than what most New Yorkers are accustomed to but it was still very good. One band that really got the crowd worked up were the lovely Golden Stars and the Band Musicale Comunale from Italy.  They really put on a good show for the crowd. It was a nice sight to see firefighters from Venice march in the parade and share a moment with their counterparts from NYC.

Marni Rollerblading

Marni Rollerblading

Golden Stars

Golden Stars

Miss USA

Miss USA

Most parades I have been to this year have had a nice showing of exotic cars but this years honor goes to the Italians with their Lambourghinis, Maseratis, Ferraris, any car lover would dream of having in their garage.  Even Miss USA was seen riding in a Ferrari. The parade is getting more international attention as a group of Basque dancers from Barcelona, Spain marched up the parade route. The crowd showed their love for them with lots of applause and support. The quality of marching bands is getting better and proof of this was in the Sacred Heart University Pioneer MB from Connecticut. They put on a good show with some nice choreography work. The band from West Islip once again showed why they get invited back every year.  They are top notch.  All in all it was a fun parade with lots of Italian style and culture for all to see.  Loved the cars. Vroom vroom.

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Sailing off into the sunset

Sailing off into the sunset

Italians Sail Past 5th Ave. on Columbus Day

18 Oct


     The trifecta of weekend parades came to an incredible end with a festive celebration of Italian culture and contribution to America in the 67th annual Columbus Day Parade on 5th Ave. Rachel and I took in all the excitement as the crowd was eager to see Italian pride and heritage on display for all to see and no one was disappointed. The event is the largest display of Italian American culture and globally televised for millions of viewers.   The parade officially kicked off when the mounted police rode up 5th Ave. and soon followed by the Honorable Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.  Although these two titans of NYC life are beloved by many, they were getting things warmed up for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo who worked the crowd like a rock star. He stopped and shook hands of many spectators and walked proudly up 5th Ave. to cheers. Parade sponsors, Columbus Citizens Foundation, appeared with their float and got the crowd ready for a fun-filled day. A parade  just isn’t a parade without a marching band and there were more than you can twirl a baton to. One of the first to open the parade was the impressive East Meadow Marching Band followed by the Stoney Brook University Seawolves Marching Band.



     A definite crowd pleaser were the firefighters from Genoa Italy and their vintage fire truck. They came to pay homage to the First Responders on 9/11 and share in the brotherhood that firefighters embrace from all parts of the world over. The blaring sirens got the crowd cheering and set the stage for the Nine float of the dancing ladies, even though there were only eight dancers each one more lovely than the next. They were followed by Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, as she was driven in a navy blue Maserati. Not sure which one looked nicer.  American Idol star Pia Toscano arrived in her float with her songs coming from the loudspeakers as her fans applauded and sang along.  A child favorite was the Italian Fairy singing Italian songs and dressed in a colorful costume with one of the longest trains in the colors of the Italian flag.  Connetouot HS Marching Band got the crowd worked up some more while the West Islip HS marching band played Taio Cruz Dynamite to perfection.  Then the marching bands just kept coming..one seemingly better than the other. Next up was the E. Tresper Clarke Marching band followed by Sewanhaka Central Marching band.  Tough to decide who had the edge as they were both amazing.



     It’s always great to see visitors from the native country come visit and participate in the parade. An Italian choir, Coro In Congendo, marched their way up the parade route singing native songs. A folk band, La Damigiana, played festive songs with instruments hardly seen here in the US. They were a crowd pleaser with their upbeat music and even got Archbishop Dolan to have some fun. Rachel and I met up later and agreed the Italians spared no expense to make this one of the premiere parades of the city. Some of the over 500,000 spectators were treated to some of the best marching bands in the tri state area and a flavor of Italian culture.. I was even tempted to take slice from a woman’s pizza hat.




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