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Love Wins At the Biggest Pride Parade in NYC

25 Jun


     The month long tribute to Pride ended with the largest parade the city has seen to date.  With close to 2 million loud people lining the new parade route, it was sure to be one of the best parades so far and that it was.  As a test run to next years big 50th anniversary of Stonewall and already labeled as WorldPride, the new parade route started on 16th St. and 7th Avenue and worked its way down to Christopher St. over to 8th St. and turned up 5th Avenue. It was in reverse direction than in previous years. It seemed to worked although there were a few lags here and there but that’s to be expected with well over 100 floats making its way to the parade. Pride has by far the largest corporate sponsorship of any parade with all affirming their Pride with the marchers and revelers. The first weekend of summer was typically hot and brought out the biggest parade crowd.  Usually the mounted police signal the start of the parade, but come noon time the Sirens MC revved up their motorcycles and got the crowd worked up for a day of love.



Love Wins


Stonewall Inn


Grand Marshall tennis legend and activist Billie Jean King waved to the adoring crowd. Soon after were fellow Grand Marshalls Kenita Placide , and Tyler Ford. Lambda Legal had a large group bringing awareness to legal issues to the LGBT community. A favorite part of the parade is when the original Stonewall Veterans wave to the crowd. The parade route has always passed by the Stonewall Inn where riots broke out on June 28, 1969 and is considered to be the start of the Gay Rights Movement. I did have to look across the street from the Stonewall just to make sure the flag was raised high, even though your Federal government attempted to disown the flag down just days before the biggest event celebrating Pride.


Taking Pride In Flight


Flag From Orlando


Showing Their Pride


Once the parade VIPs and local politicians greeted the crowd, that’s when the fun started. Marchers displayed some of their best outfits and makeup and plenty of love and pride to go with it. A perennial favorite is the Delta float and crowd. Aside from the lovely attendants that get the crowd worked up, they also displayed one of the largest handmade rainbow flags of the parade. The flag was created shortly after the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub in 2016 and was proudly displayed by a group of about 50 people.


Pumping Out Some Good Tunes


Flaggots Turning It Out


Spinners Having Fun


There was more solidarity with law enforcement than in previous years. The relationship between the police and the LGBT community has always been contentious but this year, NYPD and FDNY sent their representatives to the parade. Even the FBI sent a small group to show their Pride. With over 100 floats and corporate sponsors, there was plenty to cheer about. With every corner of the world celebrating their Pride, the international section was having a great time. Of course a parade just isn’t a parade without a marching band and the highlighted band every year is the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps Marching Band. They always do it the right way. Not too far behind them were the crowd favorite Flaggots showing off their moves. They were so good I had to show their moves off twice.



Love wins over and over again. With as much hate that has been spewed from the top down, it’s even more important now than ever for all people to unite and join in this special day filled with Pride. I walked away from this parade proud to be New Yorker and a little deaf with all the loud music and screaming but it was the most fun of any parade so far.  And if you think this was a fun parade, wait until next year’s for WorldPride.   The BIG 50!!!

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Orange and Black Top the Rainbow

30 Jun

Pride Parade

The hot summer day was just right for about a million people to come out and celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots, the birthplace of the gay rights movement. As usual The Sirens motorcycle club signaled the start of the parade around noon by 38th and 5th Ave. Mayor de Blasio saluted the crowd to polite cheers but Gov. Andrew Cuomo received the loudest praise first for his leadership in getting same-sex marriage approved in NY State a few years ago and his new initiative in an aggressive attack against HIV. Parade maven, Marni, rollerbladed around carrying a politically progressive sign..as usual. After local politicians made their way down the parade route, the Grand Marshalls, Laverne Cox, Rea Carey, and Jonathan Groff were greeted by the large crowd. Then the fun really started when crowd favorite The Flaggots spun their flags with precision. Plenty of corporate sponsors joined in on the fun. It wouldn’t be a march without some protest. This year was a cry for political prisoners to be released and more prevention of tragedies like that of Treyvon Martin. One group that keeps getting larger is the PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). As more younger people come out, parents and friends are right there to show their support for their courage.

Marni with a message

Marni with a message

Orange is the New Black float

Orange is the New Black float

Rea Carney

Rea Carney

Every parade is different and has its own flow to it. The Pride parade is getting to be as loud as the National Puerto Rican Parade and that says a lot. One reason the parade exceeded acceptable city decibel levels was when the cast of Orange is The New Black float made its way down 8th St. The crowd went nuts and the cast was eating it all up. Soon after just about every major cultural and religious group represented their pride. Most notably the Caribbean American group and the Hindu SalgaNY groups rose to the occasion. Groups from as far as England came to the party. One notable group from Russia carried signs saying Putin is very very bad. It was hard to tell just which ethnic group had the best representation but I did like the Latin group for carrying a flag of all the Latin American nations. A parade just isn’t a parade without a marching band and the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corp Marching Band killed it with their high energy and style. This was one of the better parades this year. The crowd really got into it and the marchers fed off that energy and made it a top 5 parade for 2014. Whether you agree with the lifestyle or not, one thing that cannot be denied is that love is love and this years parade had lots of love to go around.



































see ya next year

see ya next year

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