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Rain Can’t Damper the Polish People from Celebrating Pulaski

4 Oct
Celebrating with Pride and Devotion

Remnants of tropical storm Ian made its way through NYC but held off enough to allow for the 85th annual Pulaski Day Parade on 5th Avenue to proceed in grand style. It’s truly the biggest celebration of Polonia (people of Polish decent) outside of Poland. The parade celebrates the heroics of Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski who served as a leader in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. It also unites all the Polish people from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in a great display of class and distinction. This is really one of the NYC parades with the best dressed marchers I have seen. Dancers in traditional Polish attire make their way to the reviewing stand set up on 41st street right in front of the entrance to the famous NY Public Library where Patience and Fortitude watched with glee.

Getting Ready For a Waltz

We Salute You General Pulaski

Keeping the Tradition Alive and Well

A dance group in traditional attire began the traditional opening ceremony waltz and set up an ongoing tradition of breaking bread (signifies that you may never go hungry) with a drink of wine (to enjoy the sweetness of life) and a pinch of salt (to overcome the bitterness of life). Mayor Adams came out to honor and greet the crowd. He reminded them of the many similarities Polish people and Americans have; including a close family, hard work, freedom to worship, and love of country.

There was a sense of unity in the parade when the Boy Scouts group came out in unison with a banner proclaiming their support for Ukraine. Poland has been an example of humanitarian issues with welcoming arms to those refugees seeking a new home. A perennial favorite roared their way up the parade route. The Sinners & Saints Motorcycle Club made a thunderous entrance and got the crowd really worked up. From time to time we get a nice surprise from the parade and this year was no exception. An energetic marching band from Krakow, Poland made their way up the parade route to 54th street passing St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Groups from all parts of the tristate area came to celebrate the largest union of Polonia in America. It was a great parade and serves as a reminder how the Polish community has been an ally of the US since its inception. Polish Power.

US and Poland Forever
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