The Colors of the Rainbow Come Alive at Phagwah in Richmond Hills

27 Mar
A Great Time To Be At The Festival of Color

Arguably one of the largest Holi celebration this side of India took place in Richmond Hills, Queens where the warm spring weather invited thousands in the neighborhood to come out and celebrate. This is the 35th year that the Phagwah parade has marched down Liberty Ave. and made its way to Phil Rizzuto Park where a stage was set up for more after parade festivities. The Festival of Colors is a celebration that goes back thousands of years to India and brought here to Richmond Hills by the large Hindu-Caribbean communities from Guyana, Trinidad, Surinam and Jamaica. It’s a festive time as it coincides with end of the winter blahs and in praise of the upcoming colors of the Spring season. It is also a story of Good triumph over Evil.

Dancing In the Streets
The Powder was Flowing All Over
No One Was Able To Escape The Celebration

As usual, the mounted police signaled the start of the parade with the NYPD Marching Band following right behind. Parade sponsors, The Federation of Hindu Mandirs and The Arya Spiritual Center, several VIPs and Grand Marshal Jenifer Rajkumar, the first Hindi elected to public office in New York State greeted the crowd along the parade route. Several colorful floats carrying lots of people that spread all colors of the powder to several revelers that came up to them. There were a few dancers dancing to traditional Hindu songs. They were great. One of the biggest groups present were the Phagwah Social Justice Collective. They brought positive messages of love and justice for all. Most of the floats had DJs that played some hot tunes that got the crowd dancing and in a party mood. If you have never been to this parade before, expect to get covered in colorful powder. I always wear a white shirt and it comes out like a rainbow. It’s always a fun time at Phagwah. The parade route ended at Phil Rizutto Park where parade sponsors set up a stage and the celebration continued with a special appearance by NY Senator Chuck Schumer. He greeted the crowd with lots of encouragement and energy . These are some the best highlights of the parade.

Yours Truly Before and After

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