Dominicans Take Over 6th Ave. For A Hot and Wild Day

17 Aug
Traditional Carnival Costume With A Bite

After a two year absence from in person parades, the 40th annual National Dominican Day was a grand spectacle of colorful costumes and lots of merengue dancing. Nearly a million people lined up the parade route on 6th Avenue from 38th to 54th streets eager to see the raucous event that was broadcast locally and abroad to the Dominican Republic. A reviewing stand was set up on 47th St. to introduce the marchers as they made their way up 6th Avenue. As usual, the mounted police let the crowd know the parade was under way. The first wave of politicians waved to the crowd currying favor in time to gather votes for the upcoming primary elections. Rep. Adriano Espaillat is one of the most beloved politicians representing Washington Heights and parts of the Bronx where a large number of immigrant Dominicans live. After all the politicians and VIPs made their way up the parade route, then the fun began. A group of salsa dancers were sizzling enough to get the crowd worked up.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat Greets the Crowd

Carnival Costumes Showed Up

Merengue Dancers Working It

This parade helps to recognize the contributions made to the fabric of the city by Dominican immigrants. Many become small business owners of salons, barber shops, bodegas, transportation workers or enter as civil servants as police officers, healthcare workers, firemen and women. Dominicans love their music and there were plenty of cars and vans with mountains of speakers that would reach airplane level decibels. One float that reached out musically to their adoring fans was local radio station La Mega 97.9FM. Internationally known DJ Alex Sensation was arm and arm with Bachata Superstar Prince Royce as he sang some of his biggest hots. The crowd went crazy loud for them.

Dj Alex Sensation and Bachata Superstar Prince Royce

The Lechones de Santiago

A popular draw of the parade is the Andulleros of Santiago with their crazy costumes and whipping Lechones. It’s always a fun time when they arrive just to see what kind of mischief they can get into. Other than the Village Halloween parade, no other parade has as many decorative masks in it. This year the Delta Airlines float had a lively merengue band that got the crowd really worked up. They were followed by the 1199 Union float playing live music to keep the crowd entertained. All in all it was a great day to be Dominican or anybody just take in all the fun the wild parade offered. Que Viva La Patria!!!

See You Next Year…Hasta La Proxima

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