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Pride Comes Back With Passion and Ferocity

28 Jun
Start of The Pride Parade

Written by Albert Terc

Photos: Albert Terc

The long overdue 53rd annual Pride Parade came back roaring with plenty of energetic floats and activist groups to keep the nearly million revelers screaming with joy along the parade route. This years theme was Unapologetically Us…which was on full display all day long. Kicking off the high energy parade were the thunderous Sirens Motorcycle Club NYC throttling their engines to get the crowd even more fired up. Once the iconic rainbow balloons marched by, a great roar came from the crowd when the lead march group passed by. Representatives from Planned Parenthood stood proud and ready for the long battle ahead after the tumultuous Supreme Court decision to overturn a long standing individual right to obtain a Federally protected legal abortion was announced just a few days prior. Planned Parenthood knows that Pride will support them as many in LBGTQ community knows all too well the effects of religious persecution.

All Fired Up For the Parade
Planned Parenthood Leads The Way
Sirens In Action

One of the reasons the parade may be one of the loudest this year is that the revelers cheer for those outside the US where these events are prohibited. Marchers pick up on the high energy level of the crowd and show off their pride with more enthusiasm. It seems like each year corporate sponsorship grows and even more bouncing floats make their way down the parade route blasting hits for everyone to dance to. Community and support groups send their representatives to remind revelers of a call to action or how to get access to support groups for whatever life situation they might be in. The International groups were really fired up to be part of the big event. Groups from England, The Nordic region of Europe and Mexico made their presence felt to the loving crowd.

Nurses Staying Strong

We Love the Nords
Mexicans Get the Crowd Worked Up
The Fight Against AIDS Continues

A parade favorite are The Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corp with their catchy upbeat tunes that draws more cheers from the crowd. Another group that always gets big cheers are the Flaggots with their mastery of flag waving. There were plenty of cheerleader groups but the one that really got the crowd involved were the Gotham Cheer team. Fresh off their grand appearance at the Mermaid Parade were the Tailshakers showing off their hot dance moves. An enthusiastic group of dancers from SalgaNY showed off some Hindi moves. The L Train Brass Band played some New Orleans style music that the crowd loved to hear.

Getting the Band Back Together

Flaggots Working It On 5th Avenue

West Indies Represent

This years version of Pride was loud and proud as ever especially after a 2 year wait because of Covid19. I did pick up on a vibe that other marchers and revelers revealed with warning signs of individual rights coming under attack by SCOTUS and the far right agenda. With the Supreme Courts recent decisions that further divide a nation, it’s events like Pride that help bring millions of people together.

Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events
Photo Credit: Aluche Events

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