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Puerto Ricans Make Up For Two Years Without a Parade In Grand Style

14 Jun

Vejigante From Cidra Gets The Parade Moving in High Gear

A few raindrops early on in the 65th annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade couldn’t stop the nearly million people from lining up the parade route on 5th Avenue. After two years without an in person parade because of Covid19, the loud and proud crowd let the thousands of marchers know they were glad to be back. This parade has a reputation for being the loudest in NYC, and it sure lived up to it. Parade organizers, NPRDPinc, pulled out all the stops to make this a parade to remember with an impressive line up of Honorees. This years Grand Marshall was the US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona while the Madrina and Padrino were two entertainment icons. Madrina Angie Martinez has been a voice for popular culture for more than 20 years. Padrino Fat Joe is a talented rapper and expanded his horizons as a TV host for The Wendy Williams show.

Padrino Fat Joe Working the Crowd
NY Governor Hochul Enjoying the Big Parade

US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and his Wife Taking in all the Love

The honor of being named King of the Parade was Latin Grammy Award winner, Nicky Jam aboard the latin music radio station 96.3 La X float. He got the crowd really worked up. The Lifetime Achievement Award honoree was a personal favorite, Michael Caraballo, a founding member of the Santana band and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. Mr. Caraballo’s influence in music is internationally acclaimed. Hundreds of marchers got the chance to show off their dance moves to some hot salsa music or some reggaeton and hip hop.

Nicky Jam Asks the Crowd to Raise Their Flags

Conga master Michael Caraballo enjoying the ride

Raising the Flag with Pride

The parade has always been a bridge from the island to the mainland. Each year there is a pueblo highlighted in the parade where the designated town sends their representatives and talent. This year the town of Cidra was highlighted. Cidra is in the center part of the island and known as the city of Eternal Spring. Their float rocked a very energetic band playing plena music to the crowd. The parade gives the opportunity to bring awareness of social and economic issues to a greater light. One group in particular was pushing for gun reforms especially in the wake of a string of senseless shootings in the city. The Emergency Rights float had the right idea. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and it’s devastation, a group held a silent procession to honor those that perished. We will never forget those left behind. Other groups called for Independence from US colonialism while other opposed the sale of beach rights to the crypto crowd in the island. Getting the crowd back into the swing of things was a perennial favorite. The Taino Towers float had a group dressed in their native attire.

Flag Bearers from Cidra Get the Crowd Ready for a Fun Day
Remembering Those That We Lost

Taino Dancers Getting Ready to Show Off their Moves

Puerto Ricans love their music and dance any chance they get. If you don’t feel alive listening to some good salsa music, then you’re already dead. The parade gives a chance for some local talent to show off their dance moves. One of the better groups to show off their moves was the Dancers Dreamzzz group from the Bronx. A couple of newbies to the parade from Coney Island was the fierce Flawless Dance Family and the well choreographed Tatiana Dance Company from the Bronx. They were both amazing. A crowd favorite is when the fraternities and sororities bust a move that is high energy. The XTE ladies shined while the male ATA brought the heat. The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is one of the largest parades in the city. It was amazing to see all those flags and smiles on people’s faces as Puerto Rican pride was on full display. Yo soy Boricua…pa que tu lo sepa.

US Rep. Cortez Leading the Charge

A Beauty Queen Takes to the Streets

Puerto Rican Vejigantes if Colorful Display

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Jasmine Camacho Quinn

Que Viva Puerto Rico
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