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Plenty of Howling at the Tompkins Doggie Halloween Parade

24 Oct

Class Is In Kiddies

The annual Tompkins Square Park Doggie Halloween Parade returned to its old haunts for one of the largest displays of doggie costumes. This the premiere event of its kind in the City. Yes there are plenty of other doggie costume parades around town but this is the big one. Prior years had been cancelled due to Covid19 or moved the event to a park by the East River but there’s nothing better than bringing it back to where it all began. The parade has gotten so popular there were two stages set up throughout the park just to accommodate the hundreds of amazing costumes that were presented to the judges. Thousands of people filled the park for a few hours of pure fun and NYC creativity at its best. One stage had a panel of judges to review the categories of Best Costume, Best Costume on Wheels, Best Food Costume, and Best Animal costume. The other stage set up had a panel judges voting for Best NYC themed costume, Chihauau/Chilloween, Best Group, Celebrity-Themed costume, and Scariest Costume. I honestly did not envy the judges. Their task was not easy as there so many creative costumes to choose from. There were two hosts on each stage to greet the doggies and their owners. Some of the host read off a blurb written by the entrants to give a better depiction of the look. Entrants came from all over the world to be part of this event. It truly is becoming a NYC tradition like no other. And if this is any indication of what is coming up for the Village Halloween Parade …watch out…it’s going to be a wild one!!!! Here are some of my faves…enjoy…

Lanternfly Dog Might Get Stomped.

Peter Pan to Save the Day

Royalty Takes the Stage

Tinkerbell Helps Out the Captain

La LLorona Crying for Her Lost Child
Grandma Is Just Chillin

ET Needs a Ride Back Home
Don’t Get too Close..It Might Bite You..

The Bodega Cat Takes a Nap

Sex In the City Gals Having Fun

Mother of Dragons Watch Out!!!
Let’s Go Cowboy!!!
It’s Just Not a NYC Summer Without a Mister Bastian Ice Cream Cone…double swirl please.
I’m too tired…need a break!!!
Smell Ya Next Year!!!!
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