A Million Smiling Eyes Shine for the Return of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

19 Mar
Ready to March

After 2 years of no in-person parades, the 262nd version of the St. Patrick’s Day parade was a grand display of how NY is back from the pandemic. Well over a million loud parade revelers took to the parade route on 5th Ave. for one of NY’s greatest traditions. A few raindrops couldn’t stop the mass of humanity clamoring for something they hold dear to their hearts. All you can see was a sea of green with people cheering on each marching group. Keeping with the tradition of the first one, in this parade everyone marches. There are no floats, no cars, just marching and lots of bagpipes and drums. At 11am, the parade kicked off with lots of energy when, as usual, the Fighting 69th New York Infantry Regiment marched in formation up 5th Ave.

The Fighting 69th Regiment Getting the Parade Started
Irish Wolfhound means business
Pipes and Drums All Day Long

After all the politicians including Governor Hochel , NYS Attorney General Leticia James and NY Mayor Eric Adams made their way up the parade route, then the real fun began with the first of parades marching bands coming in from Jackson Liberty HS. They were really good. Just around noon, a brief moment of silence was given to remember the lives lost 20 years prior from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan stood in for Cardinal Dolan who was attending his mother’s funeral services in St. Louis. Bishop Brennan also reminded the revelers nearby that once Ireland was under an oppressive regime just like Ukraine is today. He invoked the spirit of St. Patrick to help the Ukrainian people overcome the military barrage of an evil leader from Russia.

A Happy Mayor Adams
In Honor of those that have Fallen
Jackson Liberty HS Marching Band

A traditional favorite of this parade is the Emerald Society NYPD Pipes and Drum Band. They always get the crowd worked up. A newcomer to the great parade is the Easton Area, PA Marching Band. The performed very well. One of my personal favorites is a group that honors Det. Stephen McDonald. His wife, Patti Ann, and son, Conor, help keep his spirit alive. Yes, indeed, Love IS The Way. A group of Irish police officers marched with some of NYPDs officers as a show of unity. Many of the Counties of Ireland send their representatives to march in the parade. One of the better ones came from County Cork. They were awesome.

Keeping His Spirit Alive and Well
One of Many Counties Making the Trip to March
Locked and Loaded Sir Yes Sir

Everyone that goes to the parade knows that the Emerald Society FDNY Pipes and Drum Band is a big part of the parade. They are followed by the 343 flags to honor those firefighters lost on 9/11. A better high school marching band came from North Babylon on Long Island. Just behind them came a larger band from Dover Union HS. They participate each year and never let the crowd down. This year the crowd was treated to a Spanish group from Galicia. The Banda de Gaitas thrilled the crowd with their bagpipes. A very energetic group that really got alot of cheers from the crowd was the group from Orange NJ HS Marching Band. They brought the swag like no else did.

Pipe Band From Galicia Spain
Orange NJ HS Brings the Swag
County Donegal Happy to Be at the Parade

The St. Patrick’s Day parade unites people from Ireland and NYC and keeps a long standing tradition going since before the Revolutionary War. This years parade also showed how the City bounced back from one of the deadliest pandemics in a hundred years. It was great to be back and see the mass of happy loud people wanting to be a part one of the biggest public events in over 2 years.

New York Is Back Baby!!!!

And to close…..what’s a St. Patrick’s day blog without a funny limerick:

There was a young lady named Harris,

Whom nothing could ever embarrass,

Till the bath salts one day

In the tub where she lay

Turned out to be plaster of Paris

Amen to That…

2 Responses to “A Million Smiling Eyes Shine for the Return of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade”

  1. Kathleen Pastore March 22, 2022 at 9:07 pm #

    So good to be back in NYC for our favorite day, St. Patrick’s Day. I found our picture on here, Half Mad McLaughlins. Thanks for that, we’ve been on here before and really appreciate that, our family here and in Ireland love getting our picture with the sign. Hopefully we’ll see you again next year ☘️☘️☘️
    Kathlee McLaughlin Pastore

    • nycparadelife March 23, 2022 at 8:41 pm #

      It was great to see you and your family again. It really felt like NY was back from this terrible pandemic. Stay safe and see you next year.

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