Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Returns Back to Its Glory Days

26 Nov
Back Again….Better Than Ever!!!

Above Photo Credit: Aluche Events

Written by: Albert Terc

We have all had that experience of knowing how good something really is until it is gone. A newly found appreciation of what was once. This years version of the classic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was just that. It was a revival of one of the largest and greatest of NY traditions coming back in full force with high standards for safety measures. As tired as everyone is of Covid19, it still a threat to public health and as of the date of this publication has claimed over 798,000 lives in the US. and 5.2 million worldwide. All participants were required to wear masks for their protection and the protection of others. The revival of the in-person parade came back with a large response from the public with close to 2 million revelers cheering on as floats, giant balloons, playful clowns, and some enthusiastic marching bands from across the country.

University of Alabama Million Dollar Band
Sonic Taking Charge of the Parade
Spaceman Snoopy Ready For Flight

New York took bold steps while Covid19 was ravaging its way through the population. Now the City is ready to reopen with large public events like parades now that preventable measures are in place. I really did miss this parade especially since last years televised version had a somber tone with no in person viewing. This year the crowd was pumped. Once things got going with two marching bands to kick things off, we were off to the races. The thunderous drum beat from Virginia’s Hampton University’s The Marching Force Marching Band got the crowd ready for a joyous and thankful day. They had great uniforms and lots of energy to set the tone. New balloons were introduced early in the parade with Ada Twist, Scientist and Toni. the Bandleader Bear wowing the crowd with excitement.

Ada Twist, Scientist Making the Rounds
Hampton University in The House
Toni, the Bandleader Bear Marching to His Own Beat

As usual, a big draw to this parade is the list of celebrities that get to entertain the crowd with some of their hits. Country music superstar Chris Lane got a big cheer from the crowd. Kelly Rowland, Jon Batiste, and Nelly got much love as well. Some Star Wars Stormtroopers marched in the parade which was a bit odd. They were followed by fun marching band from Tulsa playing Darth Vader’s theme song. Now it made sense. The Union HS Marching Band brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to bounce off the audience. A little known fact is that the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade has the largest collection of clowns assembled for any major event. These clowns know how to have fun and work the crowd.

Country singer Chris Lane Waves to the Crowd
Jon Batiste Appreciates the Love Coming His Way
Storm Troopers Looking For Rebels

The excitement kept building up as more iconic large balloons made their way down the parade route on 6th Ave. towards Herald Square and the famous Macy’s department store where the event was televised to millions of people watched on television. Everyone’s favorite Spongebob Squarepants with his buddy Gary hitching a ride on his back got all the kids big and small excited. The older kids thought Goku was cool. But a show stealer was a new entry to the parade. Grogu aka Baby Yoda made its way up the parade route with young fans pointing and smiling. One HS marching band with a heavy drum line came from Brownsburg, Indiana. They were amazing to watch and listen to.

Goku Large and In Charge
Sea Creatures Come to Life

The Great Spongbabini Greets His Fans

At times there is a delay on the parade route as performers take up time down by Herald Square television cameras doing their thing. This gives some good opportunity for groups to do their thing for the crowd along the parade route. A group of jump rope skippers called JUMP…(what else) were showing off their talents. A top notch HS Marching Band out of Centerville, Ohio showed why they deserved to be in the spotlight. They were one of the best bands there. The largest marching band came from far away. Roll Tide was what could heard from the University of Alabama Million Dollar Marching Band. They probably has the biggest tuba section I’ve seen at a parade. Of course as the parade goes on, the theme turns from one of thanks and gratitude to one of the magic of Christmas. All of Santa’s helpers and a wintery scene all prepare the way for the happy guy…Santa himself. It never ceases to amaze me at the look of happiness on the faces from kids from ages 4 to 94 when Santa waves to them.

Getting Ready For the Holidays
Wooden Soldiers Say It’s OK
Santa Claus Is Ready to Give Out Gifts of Love
Collage photo credit: Aluche Events

This years abbreviated parade season had some wonderful moments that continued some of the great traditions NY is known for. This year our essential workers were the real heroes. They sacrificed so much to help keep the city moving when it was in the crises of a shutdown due to Covid19 restrictions. But the City is BAAAACK!!!! Thank you essential workers. Thank you health care workers for towing the line and giving so much of yourself. Thank you parade organizers for pushing to keep these events part of the New York tradition and fabric of our society. Thank you police officers for keeping revelers safe. Thank you marchers and volunteers for making these parades come to life. And thank you the reader for checking out my blog and being part of the journey.

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    Congratulations, it’s a nice job, you can see the effort, dedication and affection. Thanks for sharing. To infinity and beyond…

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