Victory Lap at the Canyon Of Heroes for Our Hometown Heroes in the Fight Against Covid19

8 Jul

NY Tough Gets It Done

New York City, like many other places, was blind sided by the worst pandemic the city had to face in over a century. NYC recorded some of the highest infection and death rates in the country. California was also having major problems getting Covid19 under control. These were the two major entry points for travelers to the US from China and Europe. Of course, most New Yorkers weren’t buying the lines from the previous administration that things were getting better and the virus will magically disappear. Most of us knew better and are way too smart for those tall tales. The city was like a ghost town for many months until it was more safe to venture back outside. Everyone hunkered down to try and avoid the scourge that nearly crippled the city. There was a group of dedicated people that faced the challenge. Healthcare workers that showed up daily and went beyond the call of duty to face the virus and help those that they could to get better. Unfortunately, as of this publication, some 28,346 New Yorkers died from Covid19, some were loved ones of close friends of mine and I’m sure of yours as well. All the transit workers and truck and delivery drivers that kept NY moving while no one else wanted to go out were some of the many groups honored by Mayor de Blasio as promised with a ticker tape parade like no other right in the Canyon of Heroes.

Hero Nurse Sandra Lindsay honored to be the parade Grand Marshall
The Sounds of Togetherness During Dark Times
Batala Getting This Party Started

A new sidewalk plaque will have to be enshrined on Broadway in lower Manhattan dedicated to all the countless brave and selfless New Yorkers that stepped up when needed the most. This was a parade like no other NY has seen in that New Yorkers showed what NY Tough means. It’s not about pointing fingers. It’s about getting things done. It’s about common sense. It’s about following the science and the facts. Bite the bullet and hang on until it’s safe to come out again. The ghost town I saw months ago is now a thriving shining beacon of hope and an example for the world to follow. That’s what NY Tough gets you. Were there mistakes and bumps along the way, of course. But they weren’t big enough to derail the fight against Covid19. And even though the numbers look good for now the new variant Delta can inflict more harm to those still reluctant to get a vaccine. Most New Yorkers know how to win back our town. Get it done. Get vaccinated.

All For the Greater Good

FDNY Emerald Society Paying Tribute
Steppers Step It Up Broadway

Usually the mounted police kick off the parade, but at 11am the NYPD Highway patrol led the way on what would be an amazing day of celebration. Parade Grand Marshall, Nurse Sandra Lindsay, gave the loud crowd the queen wave. She was the first person to volunteer and get vaccinated in the country. Now we can all live better and with less fear because of those baby steps and the good will of people wanting to do the right thing. The thunderous beat of the all female drum band Batala got things started on the parade route. The first part of the parade had many floats and groups representing the hospitals and health care workers. They were shown much love and thank you by the crowd on Broadway. The largest local and national health care union, 1199 SEIU, showcased a lively stepping band that really got the crowd worked up. A local youth group, The All City HS Marching Band, borrowed Philly’s unofficial theme song from Rocky “Gonna Fly Now” showing how tough New Yorkers are. You can knock us down but we get right back up….NY Tough.

NYPD Highway Patrol Leading the Way
That’s Right Baby
One of Thousands of Heroes

Nothing is more New York than hearing a good pipes and drum band at a parade. The onlookers were treated to some of the best New York has to offer. The FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drum band paid tribute to their fallen brethren and those Heroes being celebrated. The FDNY band doesn’t have the only tall drum major in town. The NY Sanitation Department Pipes and Drum Band did a fine job to represent but their drum line has to stick together better. They were all over the place. A really nice surprise was an 80s cover band Jessie’s Girl with a few good tunes that people sang along to. One of the premiere marching bands of NYC performed Fireworks with great precision. The NYC Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corp. always brings out their best. Marchers made their way up to City Hall where speakers would congratulate them for. This parade made me feel proud to be born and raised in New York, the greatest city in the world. It was a moment of celebration and triumph over a virus that turned the world upside down. As usual, NY led the way to show how things gets done. Like the old saying goes, when things get rough New Yorkers get tough and not just any tough…NY Tough.

House Representative Carolyn Maloney greets the Crowd
A Real People’s Hero NYS Attorney General Letitia James

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