Memorial Day Parade in Staten Island Brings Back Signs of Life

1 Jun
Coast Guard Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

It was only fitting that the first NYPD approved parade be held in Staten Island on Memorial Day. Residents of the Rock have a reputation for being tough as nails. When outgoing Mayor DiBlasio nixed the application for the parade, organizers stood up to the Mayor’s decision and asked for a reconsideration since there have been other mass gatherings since the Covid19 pandemic turned the world upside down. Even though there is plenty of justification for protests and marches, this parade was to honor the fallen heroes and vets that allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have today. In the 476 days since the last parade publication on this blog, many of those freedoms we all took for granted had to be put on hold for a world health emergency not seen for a century. As we slowly climb out of the hole we dug into during the pandemic and begin to see signs of life, it’s important to remember the 594,568 lives lost in the US as 5/31/21 as well as those service members that made the ultimate sacrifice on this past Memorial Day.

Never Forgotten
Thank You For Your Sacrifice
In Honor of Our Freedoms

As the crowd of parade marchers gathered for the start of the parade at Hart Blvd and Forest Ave., the air was filled with a buzz of elation and success as people were able to get back together in crowds like they used to. In NYC, there’s nothing more synonymous with bagpipes playing and a patriotic march. When I heard the pipes tuning up, I almost cried I was so happy. Yes. Parades are back. When noon time hit, the mounted police signaled the start of the parade, as usual. They were followed by a happy NYPD Marching Band unit playing a patriotic tune. The crowd on Forest Ave. cheered them on. A thunderous roar came from a group of bikers carrying a wide array of flags. In the distance you could hear the drums of the Celtic Cross NYC band getting ready to play a familiar tune for the crowd. Hopeful politicians made their way down the parade route especially since this is a mayoral election year. They were soon followed by the Richmond County Pipes and Drum band banging out a tune that made everyone happy. A group that made the loudest entrance was the rock band Thunderfarm on their patriotic float. They really got the crowd worked up.

We are the USA, hear us ROAR!!!
Rocking Out in Style
The Pipes Are Back baby!!!

For many people, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. This year it is the resurgence of communities from the scourge of the pandemic as vaccination rates continue to climb. A rebirth in many ways and a reminder to cherish the freedoms we enjoy before they are tested yet again. One thing I walked away from this event was that we are strong, Staten Island strong.

Amen To That!!!

Next Parade TBD…stay tuned.

One Response to “Memorial Day Parade in Staten Island Brings Back Signs of Life”

  1. Kathleen McLaughlin Pastore June 2, 2021 at 12:02 am #

    It’s nice to see the parades starting up again. My family has missed having our St. Patrick’s day parade for the past two years, we are hoping 2022 will be the year we’ll be back on 5th Ave. again singing and watching the green and all the people marching by.

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