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Sword Dancing Pleases at the Tartan Parade

16 Apr


As part of the finale of the much celebrated Tartan Week, the 10th annual Tartan Parade made its way up 6th Ave. celebrating Scottish heritage and culture.  This young parade boasts many pipe and drum bands from the tristate area and from Canada. Musicians were getting warmed up on the side streets near 44th off 6th Ave, when the mounted police announced the start of the parade followed by the lead band, the US Military Academy at West Point. This years Grand Marshal, actor Brian Cox of Bourne Supremacy fame, passed by waving to the crowd while the representatives from the Scottish Parliament brought up the next group.   Then the fun started when the lively NY Metro Pipe Band played a favorite tune that got the crowd riled up. The lead marcher for the Atlantic Watch Pipes and Drum Band carried a long battle sword that looked as though it can cut you in half.  Did I mention they played very well.


A special treat came in the way of our neighbors up north. The Calgary Police Service Pipe Band and dancers made their entrance on to the parade route.  Tunes of Glory got the crowd ready for one of the best parts of the parade when the westies and terriers walked their owners up 6th Ave. Many clans and family of Scottish ancestry also represented their bloodline.  Representations of the 42nd Regiment Highland foot soldiers and the lovely ladies on horses drew lots of applause from the crowd  One of the more colorful tartan displays were from the Shamrock and Thistle Pipes and Drum band. Another crowd pleaser and closing out the parade were the NY Celtic Dancers performing the thousand year old Scottish sword dance.  As usual, after the parade a few bands get together on 55th St. and jam until the police break up the party, but until then, the Scottish bands kept the good feeling of a fun parade going strong.

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