Amazing Display of Culture and Pride at the Philippine Parade on Madison Ave.

4 Jun

Flew In For A Celebration

     After a quick jog from the Israeli parade on 5th Ave. to Madison Ave., the 28th annual Philippine Independence Day Parade was well under way with lots of colorful costumes and beauty queens in convertible cars. Although there was some internal controversy earlier in the year, the parade sponsors, PIDCI, decided to move forward and elected to name Grand Marshalls Archbishop Bernadito Auza, Dr. Restitio Estacio and Ambassador Mario Lopez de Leon Jr. for the event. The parade commemorates the 120th year of Independence from Spain and displays cultural pride and contributions to the fabric of the city. Once the mounted police signal the start of the parade, all dignitaries, VIPs and parade sponsors make their way to the reviewing stand between 30th and 29th Sts., which happens to be one of the best spots to watch the parade. All of the marchers and performers make their presentation at the reviewing stand but get there early as it fills up quickly. Marchers come from all parts of the Tri-state area to participate in one of the largest parades of its kind outside the Philippines.


Dr. Restie Gives His Approval


One of Many Beauty Queens


Iloilo Dancers Showing Off Their Moves


     Marchers help to bring light to many social issues, including human trafficking and either pro or against Philippine President Duterte. There were many floats with beauty queens and celebrities from the Philippines. Each year in January, a big festival happens in the Philippines for best dance and cultural representation. The winner of that festival is usually flown to NYC to be the main attraction of the parade. This years winner were from the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival and  they did put on a grand show for everyone. The groups lead held a representation of the Santo Nino (Holy Child) while the dancers had amazing costumes and had a fun time dancing and getting everybody worked up. After the parade wraps up, everyone heads over to 25th St. where there plenty of food kiosks and then to Madison Square Park where a stage was set up for the Festival and more entertainment.  Once again the group from Iloilo stole the show.




Happy Independence Day

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