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Easter Promenade Dazzles With Color..No Fooling

1 Apr

Happy Easter Everyone

On a rare occurrence when Easter Sunday and April Fools Day land on the same day, the elegance and NY creativity displayed at the annual Easter Promenade took no one by surprise. As it has since the Gilded Age of late 19th century, 5th Ave. displayed ladies and gents decked out to the nines. Most were out for a stroll on a pleasant day chumming it up with friends that come out for the annual extravaganza. Over the years, the promenade has evolved into decorative and creative bonnets ushering in the long awaited Spring and warmer weather. The areas around St. Patrick’s Cathedral and north to 57th St. were filled with an amazing display of bonnets, fine dresses and costumes specific to the event. I always look forward to the human Easter eggs.  They bring great energy and get the crowd in a happy mood. Some animals even brought their owners out for a walk so they can be adored by the thousands of people attending the event. I hope you enjoy watching the pictures as much as I had taking them.

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IMG_2529 - Copy

Spring Has Sprung

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