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Marching Bands Run the Museum Mile at the Steuben

18 Sep

Let The Parade Begin

     The unusually hot end of summer weather brought out a big crowd for the 60th annual Steuben parade on 5th Ave by the landmark Met Museum. The parade is in honor of Gen Von Steuben, who helped Gen. Washington win the Revolutionary War. It also unites Germans from abroad with those of German decent in the New York area. If you know anything about Germans, they are punctual and as usual, the parade kicked off at 12 noon sharp. The mounted police signaled the start of the parade with the lead German band and the West Point Military band each playing their respective national anthems before the reviewing stand on 78th St. and 5th Ave. As another show of unity the NYFD and their German counterparts marched up the parade route. Aside from the traditional costumes displayed by the hundreds of marchers, one of the best things about this parade is the number of bands brought in from small towns in Germany and surrounding areas to show off their style of marching bands. The first of the region came from the Black Forest in the Musikvecein Unterjettingen group. They set the tone for what would be a fine display of German culture. I have to admit, of all the parades I cover, this is the most polite parade so far.


Celebrating In Style


Let’s Have a Cold One


Endingen Marching Band


     All the marching bands had their own style and flair to it. The bands from Dresden and Murnau had a steady upbeat tone while Verband der Siebenburger Sachsen was a bit on the slow side. The Wolfenweiler Schallstadt was a group of Germans that settled in the Transylvania region of Europe. Two bands that were pretty good were the SZ Hollenstedt and SZ Bernburg with their airy float and bell sounds. But hands down the band to steal the show was the band from Endingen with their flute, drum and blaring horn section really put on a nice show for the crowd. The Austrian band followed but not in the same league. Mixed in with these marvelous German bands were German beer floats and groups representing all parts of the area, from NY, NJ and Connecticut. A welcome return was the Aqua String Band from Philadelphia, PA. Their Karneval costumes really got the crowd excited.  The crowd favorites made their annual appearance starting with the Doberman dog group, the gymnastic group of the American Turners and of course the Long Island Volkswagon Club. They always get a great welcome from the crowd. After the parade is when the party begins with festivities all throughout the city but the major one is right in Central Park with the Oktoberfest where there’s plenty of great beer on tap.

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