Diablos and Decibels Dominate at the Dominican Parade

14 Aug

Diablos Up To No Good

     The crowd was already pumped up along the parade route on 6th Ave. in anticipation of the loud music and costumed performers for the 35th annual Dominican Day Parade. Although the festive mood was evident even before the mounted police kicked off the parade, there was some sadness in paying tribute to a fallen hero, NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia. Her family marched with heavy hearts but were supported by the hundreds of thousands revelers showing their love and support for them. Parade VIPs including Grand Marshall Congressman Adriano Espiallat and baseball legend Juan Marichal made their way up the parade route from 37th to 52nd streets. Representatives from the Dominican Consulate and members of the National Police got an enthusiastic response from the crowd. The first of many diablos cojuelos made their way up the parade route. They are known as the mischievous devils and are the main part of the Carnival celebration. Each area in the Dominican Republic has their own interpretation of masks. The diablos were having fun scaring the crowd in a nice way.


In Honor Of a Hero


Scaring The Crowd


Baseball Legend Juan Marichal

     The first of many sponsored floats made their way up the parade route with some popular entertainers. The Goya float really got things started with a few good merengue songs to get the crowd dancing. Soon after them the Daily News float appeared with a crowd favorite singing a reggaeton. A crowd favorite and probably the best float was with bachata superstar Luis Vargas playing a popular song. Not far behind them was another outstanding merengue band, Los Toros Band. They really tore it up. One float made dedicated a song to former NY Yankee All Star Robinson Cano.


Luis Vargas Singing Bachata


Eardrum Busting Ride


     Without doubt the largest parade of automobiles with an amazing display of loud speakers was at this parade. The decibel level was raised far beyond anything so far this year. Plenty of dancers and masqueraders were having a fun time and the crowd was just loving it.  The parade has been getting bigger and louder over the years. It might be time they graduated to 5th Ave.



Que Viva Quisqueya..

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