Feathers Flying From Festive West Indian Parade

6 Sep


Every year on Labor Day, Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn turns into one of the largest parties of West Indian nations with over a million revelers coming out for good food, good music and lots of masqueraders. Once you step onto Eastern Parkway around 11am, the aroma of jerk chicken, fried fish, and curried goat entice your senses into having a taste of some delicious food. I stopped by Trini Marv’s kiosk for some roti. They’ve been there for 25 years strong and as usual I was not disappointed.  The start of the parade began with the procession of flags from all the West Indies nations. Then the first of many politicians arrived with Honorary Grand Marshall NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo leading the way. After a half hour delay, Mayor DeBlasio arrived. No surprises there. A pleasant surprise was when the NYPD band float got into the day long party. Their steel drum section was on point. The fun kept on going with colorful costumes, marching bands and dancers coming from afar as Jamaica and French Guyana. They got the crowd worked up for what would be arriving next….the monster trucks and masqueraders.


No other parade in NYC has monster trucks with monster speakers blaring favorite songs of the Caribbean community.  You can follow your favorite truck from Utica Ave. for 4 miles to Washington Ave. and hop on a train ride back to Utica Ave. and start it all over again. The Haitian truck had one of the largest followings of the 8 hour long parade. The Freaks Mas group had some great costumes and fine masqueraders. The Last Tribe Group had an amazing display of costumes. A real unique group was the Enchanted Garden with beautiful butterflies, parrots, and peacocks. One of the largest groups is the crowd favorite Ramajay Mas with their Travel The World representation with groups from exotic locals all over the world. All groups made their way to the judges panel over on Washington Ave. for a presentation of their groups theme and costume. This parade one of NYC’s best parades and should be on your bucket list no matter what your country of origin is. If you like to have fun, this is the parade to go to.





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