Sizzling Heat Doesn’t Stop Colombians from Celebrating

27 Jul


The heatwave that’s had much of the Northeast searching for relief didn’t stop the Colombians from celebrating their independence from Spain. Much of the crowd donned their bright yellow shirts in support of their beloved native land. The yellow is part of the three colors of the Colombian flag..yellow for the vast amount of sunshine and gold found in the land, blue for the beautiful ocean coastline and red for the blood that was shed to have their independence. Neighborhood parades are fun to go to especially all the great food you can find along Northern Blvd in the melting pot of  Jackson Heights in Queens. Kicking off the parade were the youth cadets in their snazzy white uniforms. Soon Queens Borough President Melinda Katz made her way up the parade route. Several honored guests saluted the thousands of revelers up and down Northern Blvd. One float with the best representation of Colombian culture was the food giant Goya float and their hot band. They reallyt got the crowd worked up. Many community groups had their representatives there to show their support for the new parade organizers. This years parade was shorter than previous years but it was still fun and there was plenty of dancing in the streets.

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