A March to End the Madness

22 May


Although this blog is dedicated to the celebration of life through parades in NYC, the greatest city in the world, it also takes time out to raise awareness of some serious matters that effect us all. There’s nothing more that impacts our daily life than the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. And pretty much most people know they need to eat good clean healthy foods to live a good healthy life. The issue comes when we don’t know how that food product was made. Hundreds of people united this past Saturday in a March Against Monsanto in part of a worldwide effort to gather support to have all foods labeled that have used GMOs in its production. The GMO debate has gone on for decades but it’s coming under more scrutiny especially that more legislation is aimed at preventing states from labeling food products that have GMOs. Just what is Monsanto hiding by trying to force these laws on states? The giant biotech company also produces the number one selling pesticide in the country, Roundup. More and more research is coming to light about the destructive impact on our environment and how its seeping into our food supply. The March also brought to light just how unfair farmers are treated when dealing with Monsanto. The good thing about this March is how many young people got involved to protest and bring awareness to just what is going into the foods we eat.  Monsanto is making more efforts to make it harder for organic farmers to produce more healthier foods and leave us with fewer choices to eat good quality foods. It’s up to us to make the right choices everyday in the foods we select. It wasn’t too long ago, that having a meal was a celebration of life. The foods we eat become a part of us. I know I want to know what’s going in my body because it could make me sick. And watching the high energy of the marchers, these angels are pushing for labeling laws that would make a difference to both you and me.


For more information about Monsanto and its tactics, please view these fine documentaries:

The World According to Monsanto.

Seeds of Death

Food Inc.


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