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Dancing In the Rain..well almost..

22 May



The 10th annual Dance Parade was spared the heavy rains that arrived later on Saturday. It stayed away long enough for the thousands of dancers to show off their moves to the crowd. This young parade is gaining in popularity as dancers came from all over country and parts of the world to celebrate the most ancient of art forms…dance. This is one of my personal favorites because it’s one of the few parades that brings people together of all cultures and backgrounds and ages to get up and dance. And it doesn’t matter the age. On a few occasions I saw seniors in their 90s dance to the music and kids as young as two trying to find their rhythm. A thing of beauty I tell ya. The parade was delayed slightly because the March Against Monsanto had to pass by the parade route on Broadway and 8th before the dancing started. Back on 22nd St. and Broadway, the buzz was in high gear with lots of dancers getting ready to show off their moves. Once things got started, it was a non-stop party.The parade route turned on 8th St. and  into Tompkins Square Park where there was more dancing on 3 different stages. This years Grand Marshall was an amazing dancer, Kwikstep.   He helped to take break dancing to the next level and helped inspire thousands of dancers to develop new moves and improve their art form.


The first of many floats arrived with an impressive group of dancers swaying their way down the parade route. The BellyDance America dance group got the crowd really worked up.But they were just warming things up for the high energy San Simon caporales. They always give it their all. A crowd favorite, Danielle Lima and her Samba dancers, always leaves people feeling good. They make you want to join in and have fun. Then the international crowd arrived with groups from Taiwan and Mexico and India showing off their traditional dance moves. They had some amazing costumes. A rather curious group of dancers from the Solstice Tribe  had an original dance that echoed mystery and sensuality. But just as you were being lulled into a sense of serenity, the loud and proud women of Batala woke everyone up with their thunderous drum beats. A good sample of what the parade offers was when the Manhattan Tribal group danced their way the parade route followed by traditional Haitian dancers and the Cobras dance group from Harlem. The best Spanish music representation was from the exciting XDance group. They showed everyone how it’s done as they closed out the parade and asked people to follow them to Tompkins Square Park where the fun and dancing continued. Great job Dance Parade and thanks for honoring Prince on your float.



A March to End the Madness

22 May


Although this blog is dedicated to the celebration of life through parades in NYC, the greatest city in the world, it also takes time out to raise awareness of some serious matters that effect us all. There’s nothing more that impacts our daily life than the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. And pretty much most people know they need to eat good clean healthy foods to live a good healthy life. The issue comes when we don’t know how that food product was made. Hundreds of people united this past Saturday in a March Against Monsanto in part of a worldwide effort to gather support to have all foods labeled that have used GMOs in its production. The GMO debate has gone on for decades but it’s coming under more scrutiny especially that more legislation is aimed at preventing states from labeling food products that have GMOs. Just what is Monsanto hiding by trying to force these laws on states? The giant biotech company also produces the number one selling pesticide in the country, Roundup. More and more research is coming to light about the destructive impact on our environment and how its seeping into our food supply. The March also brought to light just how unfair farmers are treated when dealing with Monsanto. The good thing about this March is how many young people got involved to protest and bring awareness to just what is going into the foods we eat.  Monsanto is making more efforts to make it harder for organic farmers to produce more healthier foods and leave us with fewer choices to eat good quality foods. It’s up to us to make the right choices everyday in the foods we select. It wasn’t too long ago, that having a meal was a celebration of life. The foods we eat become a part of us. I know I want to know what’s going in my body because it could make me sick. And watching the high energy of the marchers, these angels are pushing for labeling laws that would make a difference to both you and me.


For more information about Monsanto and its tactics, please view these fine documentaries:

The World According to Monsanto.

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