Puerto Ricans Celebrate in Style on 5th Ave.

10 Jun


The heat was just starting to kick in just before 11am when the mounted police announced the start of the 57th annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade up 5th Ave. The good weather helped bring well over a million people out to cheer on the marchers. This was the first Puerto Rican parade that Bill DeBlasio  walked as Mayor. He was soon followed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the City Council. Then the fun started. Parade Queen Rosie Perez waved to the crowd. Another  favorite, Giants WR Victor Cruz, made an appearance. Everyone was waiting for his signature salsa dance moves.  Every year a different town in Puerto Rico is honored and their representatives are sent to display their music and culture. This year the town of Guanica sent a youth violin orchestra that played very well. Young ladies dressed in tradition Spanish attire drew wows from the crowd. Floats with salsa music blared through speakers getting the salsa dancers ready to show off their hot moves. There was a large group marching with Free Oscar Lopez signs. They provided many pamphlets and awareness to the political prisoners and their request for freedom after being imprisoned for 33 years. A float with Fania All-Star lead singer Ismael Miranda really got the crowd worked up. There was much love and respect given to the 65th Regiment known as The Borinqueneers. A really nice treat was an all-woman salsa music band that was on fire. There were plenty of salsa dancers strutting their stuff. This parade is known as the loudest and proudest of all the parades and it certainly lived up to it.

IMG_1619 (2) IMG_1622 IMG_1627 IMG_1634 IMG_1640 IMG_1653 (2) IMG_1668 (2) IMG_1675 IMG_1693 IMG_1706 IMG_1715 IMG_1723 (2) IMG_1737 IMG_1752 (2) IMG_1755 (2) IMG_1772 IMG_1778 IMG_1792 IMG_1813 IMG_1818 IMG_1868 IMG_1874 (2) IMG_1890 (2) IMG_1914 (2) IMG_1964 (2) IMG_1970 (2) IMG_1977 (2) IMG_1978 (2) IMG_1989 (2) IMG_2004 IMG_2007 (2) IMG_2009 IMG_2012 (2) IMG_2023 (2) IMG_2037 (2) IMG_2055 (2) IMG_2090 IMG_2094 IMG_2106 IMG_2111 IMG_2118 IMG_2152 IMG_2159 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2200 IMG_2203 IMG_2205 IMG_2211 IMG_2229 IMG_2267 IMG_2289 IMG_2294 IMG_2315 IMG_2323 IMG_2337 IMG_2345 IMG_2353 IMG_2360 IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2372 IMG_2380 IMG_2396

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