Seashells Abundant at the Mermaid Parade

22 Jun

   Mermaid Parade 2013 177

      Lots of strategically placed seashells were seen at the 31st annual Mermaid Parade held in Coney Island USA on Surf Ave. It’s always held on the first Saturday after the summer solstice as a way of remembering mythological creatures, sealife, and burlesque shows from yesteryear. Summer is meant to be spent at the beaches cooling off from the hot sun and having lots of fun.  Kicking off the summer in NYC were some of the most creative costumes outside of the Halloween Parade in the West Village. The parade was close to being cancelled however fundraisers were successful enough to have a NY institution continue in the face of adverse economic conditions. This years honorary King Neptune was Judah Friedlander and the Queen Mermaid was Carole Radziwill …both Brooklyn natives.

Mermaid Parade 2013 339Mermaid Parade 2013 035Mermaid Parade 2013 061

     After a parade of classic cars, the fun got started as many barely dressed mermaids made their way up Surf Ave. The Sexcamaids got the crowd going with their sexy dance moves. King Neptune made a few appearances as well as many many mermaids and sea creatures with some of the more creative costumes I have seen in a while.  Things really picked up when the group of Book of Merman appeared soon followed by Brasil other wise known as Batala, the all female drum band that rocks. One group surprised everyone with their rendition of a sea version of Wet Side Story. They were real good and got the judges attention. There were the Occupy crowd with their social conscience messages and encouraging the use of renewable energy forms. One of the better band performances came from “The Band” of Baltimore. They really tore it up.  Marnie was seen as the skating mermaid and there was even a fire breathing mermaid. Closing out the parade were the crowd favorite Coney Island dancers. After a hot day of marching and dancing the party continued on to the boardwalk and into the beach where the drums and music kept everyone set for a summer of fun.

Mermaid Parade 2013 077Mermaid Parade 2013 094Mermaid Parade 2013 105Mermaid Parade 2013 111Mermaid Parade 2013 115Mermaid Parade 2013 121Mermaid Parade 2013 128Mermaid Parade 2013 129Mermaid Parade 2013 138Mermaid Parade 2013 149Mermaid Parade 2013 161Mermaid Parade 2013 165Mermaid Parade 2013 166Mermaid Parade 2013 185Mermaid Parade 2013 209Mermaid Parade 2013 220Mermaid Parade 2013 232Mermaid Parade 2013 265Mermaid Parade 2013 276Mermaid Parade 2013 281Mermaid Parade 2013 284Mermaid Parade 2013 301Mermaid Parade 2013 320Mermaid Parade 2013 322Mermaid Parade 2013 046Mermaid Parade 2013 026

                                                               HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!!!

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