Israelis Celebrate Life on 5th Ave.

4 Jun

    Israeli Parade Banner

     The biggest parade month of the year, June, kicked off with the 49th annual Salute to Israel parade along 5th Ave. and 56th St. with much fanfare and revelry. Thousands of viewers lined up on the parade route to see their friends and family march in unity to salute the state of Israel and all its beauty. Each year the parade committee selects a different creative theme for all the various groups to display. This year’s theme was Picture Israel: the art and the craft. There were some clever banners shown and it was clear it took some time and patience to finish the banners. I was able to take pictures of some of the better ones. The mounted police signaled the start of the parade. The Honorable Mayor Bloomberg was waving the flag of Israel and was soon followed by parade VIPs. Shortly behind him marched the NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, a friend of Israel. Then the fun started.

BannerNY Gov. CuomoBanner 2

     The first of many yeshivas and synagogues from the tri-state area presented their themed banners with lots of energy and pride. Some banners took several months to complete. Many of the banners displayed their devotion to Yahweh and the love of family and humanity. It was great to see the younger generation embrace the values of their ancestors and passing on of the tradition. Things picked up even more when the State of Israel float rolled on by with a band singing joyful songs. The first of several marching bands got things kicking when the Sunriser Drum and Bugle Corp. made their way up 5th Ave. but the band that really set the bar were the Fusion Core band..they really did a great job in keeping the energy level high and keep the celebration going strong. Just as the State of Israel is strong and vibrant, the marchers showed their unity and devotion in this fun family parade.

Israeli FlagsHappy MarcherBikersBanner 3Banner 4Banner 5Israeli singerSunriser Bugle and Drum CorpSunriser 2Banner 6Banner 7Banner 8Fusion CoreBanner 8Banner 9VictoryIsraeli flag

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