Happiness All Around at the Bolivian Parade in Queens

22 Oct


      Parades in the outer boroughs are lots of fun. Not only do you get to see national pride and tradition passed on to the next generation, but there’s always a good chance you can eat some great ethnic food. Jackson Heights in Queens is probably the most diverse neighborhood in the outer boroughs and host to the second annual Bolivian Parade.  This was the last of the ethnic parades for the year and it was celebrated with lots of traditional costumes, lots of energetic dancing and plenty of happiness to share.  It may have been the best of all the smaller ethnic parades.  Once the parade banner and VIPs marched up the parade route on 37th Ave. the first of many costumed marchers and dancers arrived. Getting the crowd really worked up were the tribal Indian representation in Pasion Boliviana. They were great to see. One of the better dance groups to arrive were the Caporales San Simon NY.  Their well choreographed  dance routine got loud applause from the crowd. Soon to follow were their counterparts from Caporales San Simon Virginia in their elaborate costumes and dance. It’s true that smiling is very contagious and it could be seen from the happiness coming from the dancers to the crowd watching. This year’s parade included more children in costumes than last year’s. It is always a nice thing to see tradition passed down to the next generation.

     A more cultural display came when Incallajta arrived with a different display of costume. It must have been difficult for some of the marchers to walk in those shoes. A nice treat was the masquerading marchers of Exaltacion. They were quickly followed by the group Morenada Cocanis with their distinguished slow dance steps. Probably saving the best for last were the Caporales San Simon NY. They were amazing. Even a beauty queen had to get in line and dance with them. Closing out the fine parade were Morenada Central NY with their guest of honor surrounded by ladies tempting him. Much of the crowd left with seeing a grand display of Bolivian culture and tradition not seen in too many places in the USA. I hope the young parade grows into the largest of it’s kind in the country. It really is a special treat to anyone not familiar with Bolivian culture.

Que Viva Bolivia!!!

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