Panamanian Bands Rule the Parade

10 Oct


     Franklin Ave. in Brooklyn has been changing over the years with new chic and trendy shops popping up here and there. One thing that I hope won’t change is the annual Panamanian parade where marching bands come up from parts of the USA and from Panama. A visit to Franklin Ave. wouldn’t be the same without stopping at Kelso’s for some delicious Panamanian food  to enjoy. The loud banging of the drumline and the blaring trumpets called everyone within hearing distance to come out and celebrate Panmanian pride and culture. The Panamanian Veterans Marching Band started the parade off dressed in their sharp blue and white uniforms and soon followed by community groups. It’s always great to see the tradition and culture passed on from generation to generation. Ballet Folklorico had the cutest kids dressed in their polleras while the adult ladies showed off the intricate dresses. Then the crowd was treated to El Hogar Banda from Panama. They were very good and were soon followed by a group dancing to typical Panamanian music and a float with the beauty queen in a highly decorated costume.

     The best part of the parade started when the marching band from Maryland made their way up the parade route followed colorful costumes of the Ballet Folklorico Panamena. Arguably the best band to appear was the Banda Christana with their skillful baton twirlers and energetic drummers and bugle corp. They crowd loved them. Closing out the parade was the local pride of Brooklyn. The Panamanian Drum and Bugle Corp.  It was tough to say which one was better since they were both excellent and well rehearsed. The end of the parade route was by a local school were the parade VIPs were on stage and the different bands performed for them. That was a lot of fun. As I made my way towards Eastern Parkway, the aroma of good food was all over the place. Everyone there was ready for the after parade party festivities…the good food and good music and good times.

             Que Viva Panama!!!

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