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Ghastly Ghouls Gather In Greenwich Village

31 Oct


   Just two days after the freak “October Surprise” that left New York with snow and slush and lots of downed trees, the weather warmed up just enough to let one of the most anticipated parades of the year to start without a hitch. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation waiting to see one of the most creative displays of costume in NY and the country as stated by a travelling Grim Reaper.  Rachel and I were on 6th Ave and W. Houston St for the 39th annual Halloween Parade. Since NY is also home to the largest theatre district in the country, there was plenty of puppeteer and make up talent on display all throughout the parade. Most parade goers circle this parade on the calendar because they know this one crazy parade and it sure turned out that way. After the mounted police rode up 6th Ave. and the earth fairies sprinkled their magic powder to bless the parade and signal the start of the parade, a menagerie of skeletons made their grand entrance. This year’s theme was the “i” of the beholder and marchers by the hundreds displayed orbs with eyes in all shapes and sizes in preparation for what was an incredible orb on a with a spooky eye staring at you.. everywhere I turned that eye followed me..I couldn’t escape its penetrating stare like it was rummaging through my soul. Then they rolled the eye off to the next block and one look at Frankenstein helped me get grounded again. Never again.



     One of the most beloved attractions of the parade is The Thriller dance group and they did not disappoint.  The zombies were awesome dancers. This parade attracts people from all over as it’s the largest of its kind in the country. A cool brass band visited from Vermont and kept the party going as all kinds of crazy characters made their way up 6th and got the crowd involved.  Things picked up when a samba band played a fast beat and a chicken got into before he went off to the butcher.  The Village Voice float had some fun dancers and were followed by a cool brass band. After a huge ET was seen asking folks for a cell phone,  the Jaegermeister float made its way up followed by one of the craziest costumes of a woman as a spider. It’s a good thing this parade was at night because some raunchy things go on and none more than seeing Stewie getting a lapdance. They were followed by one of the more lively samba dancers of the parade. They were incredible. I made my down to the start of the parade to meet Rachel and must have seen over a thousand creative costumes in about 10 city blocks…only in NY baby.  When we met up a really nice band playing African percussion instruments were just getting warmed up and kept the marchers in party mode.



      Through all the fun the Halloween Parade can be there’s always a chance to bring a political message and try to raise awareness. The Occupy Wall St. protesters seemed to have grown by the hundreds and had some great signs and puppets and folks dressed in costume or was it their normal wear. Of course Marie Antoinette was seen offering cake to the peasants behind the fence. One woman had an Occupy St. Tropez sign. I wish. They had one of the more creative floats of the parade and deserve cudos on a job well done.

 The parade came to a close a little after and there were plenty of revelers enjoying the night all around the village streets. This was one of the best parades of the year. Rachel and I walked away proud to be NYers even though I did look over my shoulder a few times…as I sensed I was being watched by an omnipresent eye….hmmmm.

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