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Bolivians Embrace Newborn Parade In Queens

17 Oct


As NYC is the world capital of parades, it seems only fitting to attend the first ever Bolivian parade in Jackson Heights Queens. Arguably the most diverse neighborhood in NYC, Jackson Heights is the home to many multicultural groups and this past Sunday, the Bolivians had the chance to showcase their tradition and culture through music, dance, and costume. Rachel was attending the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, so there won’t be as many great pictures of the event but there are some nice videos of dancing and the genuine happiness shown by spectators. Close to noon the parade route along 37th Ave. was beginning to get filled up with spectators eager to see what was in store for the day and the crowd was definitely not disappointed.  Kicking off the parade was a man dressed in a jazzy white costume on a motorcycle followed by the parade sponsors Bolivian Parade of New York as they marched up the parade route to the reviewing stand on 84th St.  The Comite Civico Cultural Boliviano group proudly raised many of the Bolivian flags with the traditional red green and yellow stripes. Red for the brave soilders, green for fertility and yellow for the natural minerals. Then the fun started as Pasion Boliviana with their dancing Indians got the crowd worked up.  Traditional dancing and costumes were the main presentation of Morenada Central USA while a Bolivian beauty queen soon followed to introduce the Grupo Cultural Incallajta with their colorful costumes and lively dancing.

 Tributes to San Simon by several groups were the main part of the parade.Sambos Por Siempre led the procession followed by San Simon USA with their colorful turquoise uniform depicting the old Spanish military guard including boots with large cascabelles or bells . Breaking up the caporales dancers was an interesting float called Viva Santa Cruz with a group of traditional countryside dancers. They were fun to watch and a definite crowd pleasers. An energetic group of Caporales from Virginia displayed their dance moves while the Caporales from New York soon followed. A parade just isn’t a parade without a marching band and the only band present was the Banda Sensacion de Nueva York leading the way for a traditional dancing group. The crowd was really pleased to see and hear them perform and many were cheering alegria which means happiness in Spanish. Closing out the parade were the Morenda Cocanis de Virginia with one of the best representations of Carnival and the Gran Poder dance.  For it’s first parade the Bolivian community was treated to a fun day of culture and tradition and I look forward to next year’s parade.


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